Mobility & Career goal

The Prophet said,

“The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small”.

[Collected by Bukhaari and Muslim]

LearningThe Chambers is committed to develop excellent legal professionals. Upon starting career with us, one can expect a learning culture where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence is rewarded and diversity is valued and respected. ‘Employee’s development is key’ ─ we take a perfect approach to train by combining a variety of innovative learning approaches with on-the-job training and career milestone development experiences, to empower the employee to build successful and rewarding careers.
Team WorkTeamwork in Chambers consists of working with others to form a consensus and reach the best possible outcome for all parties, whether in court related matters, mediations or arbitrations. Negotiations are based around working with teams which often not only includes working with colleagues in a specific team, but those from other department as well. The ability to work collaboratively and effectively with others is of fundamental importance.
MobilityWe have internal job transfer policy. Changing team, role and location within the Chambers, can be a great way to develop someone’s career. At Rahman’s Chambers, we encourage job mobility.
PromotionGetting promoted by one step up in grade within same rank or one step up in rank is a means of becoming successful. Chambers maintains different indictors, which helps in evaluating an employee’s performance and contribution towards the growth of the firm. Chambers duly acknowledge the same by mean of promotion if suitable without delay.
Organic growth The Chambers believe in organic growth. As the firms grow, the HR policy is also restructured to disseminate and synchronize the same amongst the employees
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