Mobility & Career goal

Diversity & Equal OpportunityThe Chamber is an equal opportunity employer. Diversity is ensured at the time of recruitment
Dignity and IntegrityThe Chamber strictly adheres to the rules and regulation within which it operates. Honestly, integrity, discipline and hard work are believed as key to success. Chambers expects its employee to have high moral standard and professional attitude. In order to maintain dignity, high moral and legal standard of the firm and its employees, Chambers never solicit works since very inception rather it believes in organic growth, and rely upon words of mouth, good will and its brand image.
LeadershipIn Rahman’s Chambers the power and responsibility are clearly specified and allocated to employees according to their standing or position in the hierarchy. The basic hierarchy structure is more like a pyramid. Due to pyramid structure, experience, availability of modern technology, software and logistics support, the firm usually takes quick decision and its work force never face leadership crisis.
Discipline andDiscipline and Punctuality is the key in Rahman’s Chambers. The same is ensured in all aspect of its activities ranging from court attendance, client meeting to employee attendance etc.
FriendlyChambers is regarded as friendly. The same is due to its understanding of the social obligation of the employees and framing its policy in such manner that it allows everyone to keep other commitments. Besides, annual HR activities are designed ensuring involvement of family and children.
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