Work Process

The majority of time of Head of Chambers is allocated for courts appearance, preparation for case and meetings. However, he managers time to supervise all legal work and management matters with the help of the coordinator and managemet staffs.

Once a new instruction for work is received from a new/old client and fee quotation is agreed, the Chambers provide an unique number to the work. The same is communicated to the client via email/text message.

The client may anytime enquire about the person to whom the work is delegated by the quoting the online unique reference number as received by email/sms from our manager, administration at the following contact details:

Mobile: (+88)(0)1788626812; (+88)(0)1793549654
skype: rc_adm_0;
Phone: (+8802)58815415, 9852821, ext: 0;103

Assistance from our coordinator would be available for work which are marked as priority/corporate/international.

The progress and delegation and reporting of the work depends on the quotations as agreed by client (for details please visit our page: about us/fee schedule).

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