Foreign Investment and Business set up

-Bangladesh is the 2nd largest manufacturer of the world, hence it attracts huge foreign investments in this sector. Besides Foreign Investors who have already invested in Bangladesh are investing on other business sectors. There are other small but emerging sectors where Foreign Investments is rapidly increasing, for eg: construction engineering, power energy & other infrastructure projects, agriculture, IT etc. To cater the need of Foreign Investors for setting up companies, branch office, liaison office and also to help in securing employment visa (E-VISA), investor’s visa (PI VISA), business visa (B-VISA), work permit etc. legal assistance is often required. Special legal support is required for setting up business in export processing zones. In recent years due to the change in Government policy, the attention of the investor’s are attracted for setting up business in special economic zones under development. Investors are also considering investing in LNG terminals, sea ports, construction of dam & embankment, bridges etc.

The Chambers in light of such healthy growth in the economy intends to aid all existing and potential clients in this regard as it is one of the leading law firms in the area of Foreign Investment and Business setup. We have a dedicated and efficient Legal Service Team responsible for catering the need of the clients. We have wide range of expertise when its comes to setting up business. Our lawyers have excellent field level expertise of working in the related office for nearly 10 years  and also desk based ability to prepare all documentary works. We provide high speed and expert service in this area. We are quite experienced of handling clients from almost all continents hence language and local knowledge is no barrier.

Mr. Rahman with respected client, Mr. Stephen Christen, a US and German origin foreign investor in Toy industry Bangladesh in an event organised by Rahman’s Chambers.

Speech on Foreign Investment in Bangladesh by Mr. Stephen Christen, an investor at our annual Dinner.

Rahman’s Chambers provides all range of services required for setting up business. It has 10 years of experience in setting up more than a dozen of company, branch office, liaison office of foreign origin of investors from USA, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. We also set up social business, NGOs, society, Cooperative society etc. Our services include obtaining all kinds of visa, security clearance, work permit and citizenship. We do offer quick service for setting up business both within or outside Export Processing Zone. We are also working on setting up business on newly crated Special Economic Zones.

Our service team is highly recommended by clients:

Rahman’s Chambers is a hands on firm, which has a pretty good understanding of the legal and environment in Bangladesh, I will qualify them, as a committed and dedicated group of lawyers, which operates their Chamber with high level of integrity, and with a devoted attitude to customer service.”

Rahman’s Chambers handles foreign investment and disputes involving corporate transactions, finance … Work highlights included advising Velcan Energy Mauritius on a solar power project.

Assisted the First Engineering Bureau of Henan Water Conservancy with setting up a branch office in Bangladesh

Our Completed Project includes:

  • Setting up business for 100% American LPO outsourcing company based in Texas.
  • Setting up liaison office for NEPC1 for construction and engineering power project in China.
  • Setting up branch office for NEPC3 for construction and engineering bridges etc. in China.
  • Setting up liaison office for CHWE, for dam and embankment construction work in China.
  • Setting up liaison office for IT Grow Division, an IT company based in Russia.
  • Investment related services to a Danish Garments company
  • Share sell/Exit/Repatriation related services to American shareholder in Toy sector in Chittagong.
  • Opening company, originally from UK and India for Dhaka DEPZ.
  • Due diligence for a Hong Kong based garments for setting up business in EPZ in Bangladesh.
  • Legal services; JV in LMG terminal at Chittagong.


Further details are provided below:

Legal due diligence is important to assess the risk associated with investment. Before major decision making, serious investors instruct us to carry out legal due diligence work on several aspects involving legal risks. If an investor is planning to invest in an existing setup by buying shares, we conduct searches with Joint Stock of Companies and Firms (RJSC), concerned land registry, VAT and Tax office to check if any legal risk is involved. Further search is conducted to verify authenticity of documents.

The due diligence is conducing in the following areas:


  • Land Mutation
  • Land registration
  • Land revenue record
  • Survey Record


  • Share Transfer Record
  • Change of directors’ report

Criminal Record

  • Searching relevant Thana
  • Litigation search (limited circumstances)

Tax Record

  • Searching relevant circle and zone.
  • Other search

 Comment from Mr. David Ramos:

“Rahman’s Chambers is a hands on firm, which has a pretty good understanding of the legal and business environment in Bangladesh, I will qualify them, as a committed and dedicated group of lawyers, which operates their Chamber with high level of integrity, and with a devoted attitude to customer service.”

David V. Ramos
Director, G.A.B. Limited
(A subsidiary of Gildan Activewear Inc)

Share purchase in unlisted private and public company involve several documentation work, e.g. signing Form 117, affidavits, etc. Besides, several resolutions are required in compliance with the Memorandum and Articles of association along with drafting of Share purchase Agreement. We advise clients for the entire process so that the transfer is completed smoothly. We also advise both buyer and seller in taking over of several companies particularly in garments sector. Besides, we have advised individual Shareholder in buying and selling.

Either joint venture or 100% foreign owned, our experienced service department complete the process with ease. Small mistakes can cause substantial delay in the process, e.g. remittance advises of USD 50,000/- if quoted wrongly can lead to return of fund and reinvest. Professional legal hands are vital for company formation from drafting joint venture agreements, preparing Memorandum and Articles to obtaining certified copy of incorporation certificate. Over the last 10 years we have formed several companies in IT, General, Trading, Garments, Taxtiles, and Power sectors both local and foreign or originated in the UK, USA, China, and other European countries.

Opening Liaison requires some critical permission e.g. Bangladesh Bank approval, BOI registration. Legal documentation involves authentication of parent company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, list of directors, etc. Often the authentication process may be cumbersome. Besides, selection of commercial bank responsible for liaison with central bank has been often vital Decision. We try our best to make the opening of liaison process smooth and hustle free. In recent time we have opened. Liasion/Branch office in construction and Engineering sectororiginated from China and other places.

Industrial enterprises, opening separate entity are compulsorily required to be registered in Board of Investment. Besides, registration of BOI is a must for liaison office. Commercial ventures may register if they desire. In recent times, BOI has been automated and all registrations and related process are made online. We make the process as smooth as possible.

Work permit is required for investors planning to become resident in Bangladesh by taking a full time position and expatriate employee of the company.Upon arrival in Bangladesh under two types of visa for short period, the person is required to apply for work permit with BIDA and extension from Department of Passport and Visa, subject to successful completion of security clearance. The process can be very hectic and time consuming. We assist our client to make it simple and hassle free. The visa types for staying short period in Bangladesh are:

  • E (Employment) visa
  • PI (Investor) visa

Setting up company for EPZ is comparatively easier, as one stop service is provided by BEBZA. The Firm assisted clients on setting up companies, providing lease and obtaining other licenses, visa etc for EPZ based companies.

SEZ is a very new entry in the list of services. SEZ are still under construction and not yet in a position to handing over land to the investors, however, we have conducted due diligence and the Firm is in a position to guide clients.

The Foreign investors who are planning to do market research, attend meetings, etc and willing to visit Bangladesh are invited by us. Upon our invitation, Bangladesh Mission abroad grant short time Business visa.

Due to foreign exchange regulations and stringent guidelines from Central Banks, exit and repatriation of share value and profit is a complex work, which requires various assessments and reports. The Firm has effectively completed a deal for an American shareholder in the Toy sector in Chittagong.

Our notable clients in this area:

  • Data Path Limited, Texas, USA
  • A Danish garments company for liasion office
  • Perseus Limited
  • Rehmania International Ltd
  • Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd., China
  • Bangladesh Equipment and Mineral Company Ltd.
  • IT Grow Division Ltd,, Russia
  • Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), UK
  • NEPC International Limited
  • CHWE
  • NRD Bangladesh Limited.