VAT, Tax and Customs Dispute Resolution

Rahman’s Chambers has a long-standing practice in assisting clients in taxation matters. Besides, advising clients on transactions we assist them in court sand tribunals.  We have handled several cases involving corporate taxation, VAT and customs in different forums with excellent success record. We have a team of lawyer and consultants with specialized knowledge and huge experience on taxation matters. Leading Legal directory Chambers and Partners Asia Pacific 2021 ranked Mohammed Forrukh Rahman for dispute resolution and states “has excellent and wide exposure in his profession, and is impressive in handling legal issues with aplomb”. 

“has excellent and wide exposure in his profession, and is impressive in handling legal issues with aplomb,”

– Chambers & Partners, 2021

Rahman’s Chambers has been consecutively ranked for Corporate & Finance.

– Chambers & Partners, 2020

“Offers further capabilities in international trade, commercial litigation and project finance”

– Chambers & Partners, 2019

“Their response times are excellent and they make you feel generally very well informed…”

– Chambers & Partners, 2018

“the ‘very responsible, responsive and knowledgeable’ Mohammed Forrukh Rahman heads the firm…” 

Legal 500, 2018

Rahman’s Chambers whom we have contacted in 2007 seeking assistance for disputes arising with the National Board of Revenue (NBR) Income Tax office, involving rejection of trading account and imposition of estimated profit based on assumption… successfully handled the income tax reference case pending in the High Court and also successfully argued before the Court the legality of such assumptions and rejection of the trading account and its expenditures upon remand. Finally the tribunal, once recommended from the High Court upon perusal of relevant receipts, vouchers, verifiable transactions, passed favorable judgment in our favor…

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Our Completed works are:



  • We have handled several HS codes related disputes for a mutational filament bulb company in different forum i.e. customs appeal, appellate tribunals and High court.
  • We have handled HS codes related disputes involving a textiles machinery for a mutational company.


  • We have handled several valuation related disputes for a mutational filament bulb company in different forum i.e. customs appeal, appellate tribunals and High court.
  • We have handled disputes involving price declaration impacting valuation of a major multinational mobile phone company.


  • We have handled a writ involving non-compliance of bonded warehouse conditions and removal of raw materials from one bond house to another without permission and associated duties, penalty and baseless assumptions of customs authority for sale of bonded item for a major garments industry.
  • We have handled disputes in the RMG sector involving the violation of customs bond-related penalty and claim involving shortage/sale of raw material, removal of raw material and transfer of raw material, etc.



  • We have handled disputes involving rejection of trading account transactions and imposition of fictitious profit.


  • We have handled disputes involving disallowance of expenses of different nature and showing them as income.


  • We have handled disputes involving calculation of estimated profit based on another comparable industry.



  • We have handled disputes involving input VAT and mismatching with inventory list and related non declaration, imposition of penalty etc.


  • We have successfully challenged and resolved VAT claim through ADR at the Appellate tribunal stage involving the destruction of raw materials for Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.

Practice Guide – Taxes & Finance

VAT, Tax and Customs related legal support is high in demand in Bangladesh. Particularly for companies, new investors & entrepreneurs knowing the different formalities involving taxation is a big challenge because of its complexity. In particular with income tax, different statutory requirements for e.g. advance tax on income, deduction of tax at source, tax exemptions, tax rebate, procedures for filing annual tax returns along with its assessments, etc and their correlation which may be found difficult without proper knowledge. On the other hand, entirely new regulations are applicable to VAT. Understanding ATV (advance trade VAT), VAT rebate/input at different stages of trade, obligations of consumers, supplier, service provider and different MUSAK filing along with the filing of monthly returns is equally complex. Finally, rules and regulations applicable for various Custom duties, supplementary duties, regulatory duties and its relations with HS code and product valuation is a complex area of law that requires sound knowledge to deal with the issue efficiently. In case of any disputes, legal support is often required for challenging any claim, issues, Order before the Higher Authority or Tribunal which may even go up to the High Court & Appellate Division.

Application required to be filed before Commissioner against demand and assessment Based on the VAT Act related Divisions of High court and Appellate Division. Raising all issues before Commissioner is important for placing a successful argument in later forums.

If the Commissioner refuses to accept our legal and factual position, we prefer appeal to the Commission Appeal. Unless their is any jurisdictional issue involved and/or the law itself is challenged, exhausting forum as per requirement of law is important.

Appellate Tribunals comprises with Chairman and members who are ranked equivalent to High Court Division. An appeal can be filed from the decision of the Commissioner Appeal to Tribunal. We assist our client for the entire process.

The High court writ jurisdiction can be entertained against the decision of Appellate Tribunal as a last resort on procedural grounds. our success rate before High court on VAT matters is very high. Generally interference by High court is found fruitful as Hon’ble High Court is prepared to go into details and takes lengthy submissions from both parties.

On the otherhand, the High court Tax Reference jurisdiction is unlike VAT and Customs is a permanent jurisdiction whereas per Tax Ordinance reference case can be filed. High Court can be entertain if a legal issue is involved against the decision of Appellate Tribunals. Our success rate before High court on Income tax matters is very high.

Similarly over customs issues High court by way of writ exercises it’s power where tribunals acted beyond its limit and where statute have not provided any remedy.

The recent amendment in VAT, Tax and Customs Act allowed the parties to take the matter before Facilitators. The facilitators are generally professional retired Govt. Officials, lawyers, chartered Accountants who are expert in the respective matters. Who plays the role akin to mediators analyzing factual and legal position of parties and help the parties to resolve the dispute amicably. The Chamber has very high rate of success before ADRs.

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