Massive factory Inspection will start this Month


A total number of 46,100 factories will go under inspection carried by 138 teams at the lead of BIDA, starting in the mid of this month.


There have been many tragic fires and the incident of building landslides in different times in the country recently caught the attention of the nationals and the government. Following a tragic fire at the Hashem Foods Factory in Narayanganj, the Prime Minister’s office announced a 24 member committee headed by Salman F Rahman, the Prime Minister’s adviser for travel industry and investment, to help prevent such incidents in the future.

 Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) was appointed to lead it in coordination with business associations such as the FBCCI and Bangladesh garment manufacturers and exporters Association. Then a total of 138 teams will be engaged in the special workplace safety and structural safety inspection.

Under the move, initially 5,000 factories are scheduled to start this month. Among the total  46,100 inspectable factories, initially the inspection of those 5,000 factories will be done in 90 days. Then the others will be followed in scheduled time.

This coordinated movie was really necessary because those recent industrial incidents were having a deep impact on the country’s industrial practice overseas.

In a video message FBCCI President Mohammad Jashim Uddin ensured that “we will not conduct any drive to punish anyone. The objective is to collect information and enhance capacity to prevent various forms of industrial incidents.”

According to the checklist, seven kinds of safety will be inspected during the campaign. These are structural fire, electric, machinery, broiler, explosive and environmental safety. Chemical Industries , plastic, light engineering food packaging and paper printing and leather sectors will be prioritised in the inspection.

Avijit Chowdhury, BIDA executive member 1, said they convoluted FBCCI at the instruction of the Prime Minister and they wanted to complete the inspection activities under a public-private initiative.

About 32 industrial sectors will be given priority and these enterprises considering their high potential for accidents. The concerned authorities will be informed three days before the conduct of the inspection to avoid any kind of harassment.

“The country’s industrial progress has been informed so far” said FBCCI Vice President Md Amin Helaly, adding that it is high time to ensure a safe working environment in all industries.

The FBCCI has amalgamated with the initiative to support industrialists. If this step is successful, then all other industries will be safe like the garments factories in the country.

Source: The Daily Star ,  The Financial Express

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