Fee Schedule

The Chambers believes in economics of scales. It has different tiers of fees, which perfectly suits with the need of our clients and business demand. Below we have provided details of our tier based fee structure:


    This fee schedule is available for such legal works which involve much delicacy, complexity etc. Disputes or issues involving very high value, demanding greater attention and speedy disposal is often classified as priority. The charges are reasonably higher.

    Standard tier is available for most legal works. Claim or issues demanding fair attention, resources, expertise and time are generally classified as standard.

    Small numbers of works are taken at a discounted rate taking into account various relevant factors.
  • Within each tier, we offer capped fee/fixed package covering cost for certain works/pay as you go/ hourly arrangement.
  • We render Initial Consultancy at no Charge if client for sure instructs for additional work.

Based on the work nature, urgency, type and choice of client, we determine the fee structure and confirm the same with client. The details is provided in our About us/Fee Schedule page.
Once specific fee is agreed, whether it is scheduled/ hourly/ package, we send invoice on/before completion of work depending on the volume of work involved. We expect 50% advance payment on professional fees and payment of cost in case of high volume of work.

Local payment

For local payment any mode of payment is acceptable. Though tax on professional fee is our responsibility, our fees are exclusive VAT. VAT is required to be added and paid as per laws and rates applicable.

For local payment we accept

Overseas payment

For overseas payment, the only authorized mode of payment is payment by Bank Transfer from client’s bank account to directly to our Bank from overseas, on receipt of invoice. The account details are as follows:

  • BENEFICIARY’S BANK : THE CITY BANK LTD, Banani Branch, Road No: 11, Banani, Dhaka-1213
  • BENEFICIARY’S ACCOUNT NAME: RAHMAN’S CHAMBERS, Address: Rangs Shawpnil, House 2, Road 2/3, Banani, Chairmanbari, Banani, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
  • BENEFICIARY’S ACCOUNT NO: 1401586739001