Internship Opportunities

Internship programs at Rahman’s Chambers provide an excellent opportunity for young upcoming and keen legal minds to explore and get a glimpse of the legal fraternity and the judicial infrastructure, including the practical/technical know-how off-curriculum, prior to being a full-fledged lawyer subsequently. Interns are involved in working as a shadow member within a team in one of the departments at the Firm. Additionally, we also provide internships to selected and interested individuals in our Accounts Department aided with round-the-clock IT support and a vast catalog of genuine software including the renowned Tally software amongst other.

Being an equal opportunity law firm, we provide advancement opportunities and transition into permanent members, subject to any/all availability of positions at the Firm relevant to their area of expertise based on their performance, merit, integrity, and other professional virtues.

For more information please see the specific terms and conditions, and the eligibility criteria to apply for Internship as given below:

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