Opportunities for PPP Legal Frameworks Post-COVID-19

 [Source: World Bank Group] While recognizing that many best practice examples for PPP legal frameworks exist on a national level or through international initiatives, there remains a gap in terms of practical guidance on critical components of PPP legal frameworks and how these can contribute to the preparation and implementation of PPPs that are more resilient to disasters and external shocks.

Besides, considerations around sustainability and resilience of PPPs gain new importance in light of the current COVID-19 crisis whose impacts have affected PPP programs and projects globally as user demand and supply chains have been disrupted and health and safety requirements have changed the way infrastructure will need to be designed, constructed, and operated.

The Practice Note on PPP Legal Frameworks Post-COVID-19 recently released by the World Bank’s Infrastructure Finance, PPPs & Guarantees group (IPG) aims at exploring these issues and more that merit consideration when assessing PPP enabling frameworks for their fitness in a post-COVID-19 era.

Source- Infrastructure Finance, PPPs and Guarantees Group of the World Bank. Learn more about our work at www.worldbank.org/ppp.

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