Clients Comments

“Rahman’s Chambers provided excellent teamwork, questions were answered promptly, we received information and explanations about the local jurisdiction which is quite different than the German.

We were impressed with the expertise and knowledge of Mr. Mohammed Forrukh Rahman in particular with international arbitration on maritime matters.” For full recommendation click here. 

“I received the Chamber’s name from the German Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce. I have worked on two different projects with them in the last two years. I appreciate the clear and concise advice given. The service compares very favorably with the service I have received from the top law firms that I have worked with in Germany. The prices are reasonable and I have never had any surprises on the invoices (which is unusual for a law firm)”

Stephen Christen
GSL Exports Ltd

“As counsel for Seapower Shipping both in the Philippines and in Greece, we thank Rahman’s Chambers for its expeditious action on the maritime claim we have referred to it for handling. Mr. Mohammed Forrukh Rahman is a pleasure to work with as he is highly competent and knows the intricacies of the matter on hand. His fast and clear responses to our queries, even on unholy hours, assure us that our claim is being handled with such meticulousness that bridge the gap between the continents where his office and our clients are located. For its efficient and top-notch legal service, we highly recommend Rahman’s Chambers”—

3rd Floor, Libran House Building
Legaspi cor. V.A. Rufino Streets
Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines
Tel. No. (632) 403-9647
Telefax: (632) 501-5672

“……got services of Rahman’s Chambers for several reputed companies which were extremely satisfied with both quality of work and reasonable fees of the Chamber.”

“.. During 2012 – 2014, our firm has closely cooperated with Mr. Mohammed Forrukh Rahman of Rahman’s Chambers in Dhaka/Bangladesh. We represented a substantial German ship-owner, who had ordered four new buildings at a shipyard in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, all these four shipbuilding contracts failed and were ultimately canceled by our clients, which gave rise to very complex legal proceedings in Germany, England and Bangladesh.

Mr. Rahman handled various proceedings in Bangladesh for our client against the local shipyard and its financing banks. He did so in a most effective, successful and cost-effective manner. We can therefore highly recommend the legal services of Mr. Rahman to any party, which needs legal support in Bangladesh in matters relating to international trade, financing and transport. For full recommendation click here. 

“From London I have contacted Rahman Chambers in order to assist me in relation of a serious and complicated legal court case which was filed in the UK . The legal dispute was also linked to Bangladesh due to a number of issues in relation of the legality of a number of Bangladeshi documents that I have challenged not to be genuine.

Mr Forrukh Rahman with his team of associates, have taken the challenge and played a vital role in this legal dispute by conducting a huge number of searches on my behalf in various governmental office in Dhaka in order to obtain legal evidence in support of my case that have then been submitted to the High Court in London.

Mr Rahman and his team have faced various challenges due to numerous dead lines and other difficulties working professionally in order to provide me with a great number of vital evidence that then have determinate a positive outcome of my legal dispute recognized by the High Court judge in London.
I strongly recommend Mr Rahman’s firm as I am absolutely satisfied of all the work that has been done for me considering also the long distance in between the UK and Bangladesh. I am sure that Rahman Chambers can deal with many more challenges in different legal areas as they have proven to me to be extremely reliable, professional but more important motivated to pursue justice for their clients. I wish also to highlight that Mr Rahman has demonstrated not only to be a professional legal practitioner but also a honest and sincere individual who has demonstrate great integrity as a person.”
Tony Liparoti
Private Security Industry,
London, UK

“Mr. Forrukh Rahman, Barrister, is diligent and sincere in his works. He can be relied upon for carrying out works of civil / commercial nature. His association with the Ministry of power has exposed him to issues pertaining to power projects and general corporate laws. I had occasion to work with him while I was working on the Central Bank Strengthening Project, a World Bank assignment. It involved a study of the extant banking and finance laws and prepares draft of the proposed amendments in various statutes.”

K A Najmi
India Law Services, Solicitors and Advocates,
New Delhi, India.

“I strongly recommend both M/s. Rahman’s Chambers and Mr. Rahman for Shipping, maritime and international trade matters due to their excellent depth of knowledge in this area and their ability to provide remedy by putting their best effort. The firm success

fully arrested a vessel berthed in Chittagong port by filing Admiralty suit in Bangladesh high Court and successfully protected my interests.
Mr. Rahman and his firm are not only honest and professional and they kept me informed with up to date information on the progress of the case.”

“We appreciate the valuable services you have provided to Data Path Ltd.”
July Buisness Services
Waco, Texas 76703