Mr. Md. Aminul Islam

Junior Manager, (Recovery)

Mr. Md. Aminul Islam, since joining the Chambers in 2023, has impressed the Firm with this timely and active participation in managing the affairs of the Firm being a part of the Accounts (recovery) department. His excellent communication skills along with his people-friendly demeanor, allows him to be an essential asset to the Firm.

Mr. Md. Aminul Islam has completed his BBA from New Model Degree College respectively. Before joining the firm, Mr. Islam has worked as an Executive (Sale and Marketing) in the hospitality industry at a reputed Hotel in Dhaka and also has prior experience as an Executive (Administration and Accounts) at a reputed travel company in the tourism industry.

The following assignments have been successfully completed by Mr. Islam-

  • Assisting the Accounts department in the Firm’s expenditure accounts.
  • Diligently handling the recovery of accounts receivable.

Organisation plan 

The Junior Manager (Recovery) is an important post who is also a part of the accounts department of the firm. Besides all the works are allocated through state of the art software amongst lawyers and non-lawyer management personnel. In addition, the Junior Manager (Recovery) is also in charge of maintaning and keeping track of any accounts receivable thereby utilizing exceptional managerial, communication and interpersonal skills. 


  • 2020  – BBA in Accounting / New Model Degree College

Employment History

  • 2023 – till present -Junior Manager (Recovery), Rahman’s Chambers

Recognition and Awards

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