Mr. Mohammad Golam Farid

Deputy Head, Dispute Resolution Dept

Mr. Mohammad Golam Farid since joining the firm in 2019 has been involved in a number of cases pending in high court, labour court and customs tribunals.  He has excellent analytical ability and interpersonal skills and vast experience in very different areas of laws. As a regular practitioner of High Court he tremendously contributed towards the capability of the Chambers in resolving disputes. No wonder why he has been elevated to the position of deputy head of dispute resolution in such a short span of time spent in the Chambers. Our Supreme court team has become much more organized and disciplined since his joining.

Mr. Mohammad Golam Farid has completed LLB from the National Law College under the National University, Bangladesh, in the year of 2001. He is a  member of the Supreme Court Bar for more than 10 years and Dhaka Bar Association for more than 18 years. He joined the Chambers as a Senior Member in 2019. Mr. Farid is the Deputy Head of Dispute Resolution department also a senior member of Commercial department. Mr. Farid is a senior associate and a senior member of our Supreme Court Team.

Dispute Resolution 

  • Conducted hearing effectively of a number of writ arising out of customs disputes for a number of companies.
  • Conducted hearing of a number of tribunals cases arising out of customs disputes for a number of companies.
  • Conducted hearing of a number of labour cases in labour court for a number of companies and senior employees.
  • Conducted hearing of complex land related revision/appeal arising from district and tribunals for individual clients.
  • Effectively advised and assisted a disciplinary process for an MNC.


  • Conducted hearing of complex LC payment related writ involving back to back LC.

Organisation Plan

The Deputy Head of a department is next to the Divisional Head and the Head of Chambers. In a large department there may be more than one deputy head.  Deputy head is a person who has proven track record of working in the respective field and/or has specialized knowledge or exposure in that particular field of law, which make him/her eligible for taking a leading position. 


  • 1999– LL.B from National University.
  • 1999– M.S.S (Social Science) from National University.
  • 1995– B.S.S. (Social Science) from National University

Legal Qualification

  • 2008–  Enrolled with the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.
  • 2005–  Enrolled with the District Court & Tribunals.


  • Member, Supreme Court Bar Association
  • Member, Dhaka Bar Association

Employment History

  • Rahman’s Chambers (2019 – onwards)
  • Independant Practitioner
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