Mr. Salah Uddin Reza Sohel

Senior Associate & Deputy Head, Investment Department

Senior Associate of ADR, Land and Tribunals team is an highly experienced senior member of the team who has proven track record of not less than 10 years and filed level experience of most land matter in Bangladesh, which are by nature very complex.  The is also responsible for all land search, due diligence, checking with original record, registration, transfer, recording etc and also appearing and dealing issues pending with most land tribunals e.g. sub-registry office, survey office, AC Land offices etc. Similarly. being an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, he/she takes cares of authentication of foreign power of attorney and conducts searching, filing and dealing with all other matters before trademark, patent offices. Mr. Salah Uddin Reza is Senior Associate of ADR, Land and Tribunals team for last four years.

Received Best Performer of the year Award for the Year 2017

-January 2018.

Mr. Salah Uddin Reza Sohel, successfully completed his LL.B  and LLM under the Dhaka International University. He is an advocate of Judge Court. Mr. Sohel is a registered member of Dhaka Bar Association. Mr. Sohel is associated with the firm as a Senior Associate from nearly nine years. Before joining the firm in 2010, Mr. Sohel worked with Monwar Hossain & Associates. He has a right of audience before judge’s court, magistrate court and most tribunals.  Mr. Salah Uddin Reza Sohel LLB, LLM presently associated with the firm as a Senior Associate and is a senior member of ADR, Land & Tribunals Team. Before joining this team in 2015, he was a senior member of District and Magistrate Court team and effectively handled several cases before district and magistrates court for nearly 5 years. He is now the Deputy head of Investment Department and a senior member of Corporate Department. 

Mr. Reza has vast experience in handling most land related work involving several land offices and tribunals covering due diligence, acquisition, transfer, searching, mutation etc. For major land acquisitions works undertaken by the Chambers, he carried out most legal due diligence work at several land offices and tribunals and also conducted physical search. He was involved in few major land transfer and registration works.

Similarly, he efficiently carries out works with trademark and patent offices and also assist the firm with authentication of power of foreign attorney. For several companies both local and foreign he conducted search and filed trademark application with concerned offices.

Mr. Reza Completed the following projects:

  • Handled khas khatian related dispute, assisted in survey and demarcation of land and completed several mutations for a major textile company.
  •  Conducted land due diligence for TBEA and Surjin Tech Co., Ltd. in  acquisition of land.
  • Conducted due diligence of 695 acres of land for Velcan Energy Mauritius Ltd, a solar power company from Mauritius.
  • Conducted due diligence of 768 acres of land for First Security Islami Bank Limited.
  • Completed land acquisition of several land for G.A.B Limited (Gildan) with the help of the team.
  • Completed trademark registration for UAE Bangladesh Investment Company Limited and few other foreign companies.
  • Oversee the completion of a number of litigation successfully in Labour and Administrative tribunals relating to Howe Are You Textiles Ltd and Roshowa Textiles Ltd.


  • 2012- LLM from Dhaka International University.
  • 2006– LL.B  from Dhaka International University.

Legal Qualification

  • 2008-  Enrolled in the District Court & Tribunals.


Recognition and Award

  • Best team Performer Certificate
  • Best Individual  Performer Certificate

Employment History

  • 20015-till now – Senior Associate, ADR, Land and Tribunals Team
  • 2012-2015- Senior Associate, District and Magistrate Court Team
  • 2010-2012- Associate, District and Magistrate Court Team, Rahman’s Chambers
  • 2008-2010- Associate, Monowar and Associates