Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed

Mr . Shamsuddin Ahmed awarded by Bangladesh Bar Council for completion of 50 years of practice life in 2003.

Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed was born in Pachbari village, Dinajpur district in 1899. He passed his matriculation from Dinajpur Zilla School in 1918. In 1924 he completed BA from Carmichael College, Rangpur one of the oldest college of Bangladesh. Later, he completed post graduation degree from prestigious Presidency College, Calcutta (at that time a college under Calcutta University) now Presidency University around same time.

Presidency College, a 200 years old institution, is a legendary Academic centre  for excellence. Its distinguished alumni have left their impressive mark in academia and all walks of life across India and in different parts of the world. It produced scientist like Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, noble laureate Amartya Sen and legendary thinkers such as Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Swami Vivekananda, Subhaschandra Bose,  Jibanananda Das and film producer like Satyajit Ray.The college, among whose alumni were a President of India (Dr. Rajendra Prasad), a Prime Minister of Pakistan (Muhammad Ali of Bogra) and a President of Bangladesh (Abu Sayeed Chowdhury) and so on.

Mr. Ahmed enrolled as an advocate with Bar Council under Calcutta High Court on 10th June 1929. After creation of High Court of judicature for East Bengal at Dhaka in 1947, Mr. Ahmed listed as the very first enrolled advocate in 1953 under Dhaka High Court, Dinajpur Zone and same continued after establishment of Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) Bar Council in 1965. Initially, he practiced law at Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal for sometime before partition. Later he continued his law practice at his home town at Dinajpur in the area of mostly land and other civil matters. He was a lawyer of Bangladesh railway and few nationalized banks for long time. Mr. Ahmed was a renowned legal practitioner of his time. He was awarded by Bangladesh Bar Council for completion of 50 years of practice life in 2003.

Mr Ahmed established a college and were involved in many other philanthropic work throughout his life.  Mr. Ahmed received Advocate Abdus Salam Mia(Nana Bhai) Memorial Award 2002 from Hon’ble Mr. Justice Abu Sayeed Ahmed, of Appellate Division of Supreme Court of Bangladesh. A road, Advocate Shamsuddin Sarak, in Dinajpur is named in his memory. Mr Ahmed expired on 17th Ramazan 1424 or 14th October 2003 leaving behind sons, daughters and huge admirers.

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