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posted on 27/10/22

We have recently completed advising a reputed Real Estate Developer in a number of complex transactions involving joint venture, sale of residential apartment and commercial outlets, shops, etc also matters involving owning, operation and maintaining of common areas, representation, associational rights etc. A large commercial project involves much complex issues as it has many stakeholders, huge land and commercial documents compared to residential. Several laws also comes into play. It took almost 6 months to complete the work.  [pic source: corporatefinanceinstitute]

posted on 31/08/22

We have recently advised and assisted in the process of a local client securing BIDA permission for a foreign loan. Due to the crisis in the Dollar market, it seems that getting permission is relatively less complex now. The government may reconsider the usefulness of FOREX laws and regulations under the present situation taking into account the events that took place in recent times.
posted on 08/05/22

We have advised an MNC having significant investment in Bangladesh on international law involving compliance of labor, environmental treaties, changes involving the new EU GSP scheme, WTO’s SCM Agreements, and signing of PTAs, FTA,s and CEPA in relation to LDC graduation of Bangladesh in 2026. [photo source: thefinancialexpress.com]

posted on 03/02/22

We have advised an MNC on the possibilities of introducing ’employees share scheme’ under the labour law of Bangladesh and its implications under the Companies act ie possible reduction of capital and treatment under tax laws. The work was interesting as this was our first work of such nature and we found that law is required to be updated to effectively deal with such issues. [photo source: expert-market.com]

posted on 31/01/22

We are assisting in the process of resolving disputes for several landowners against a renowned land developer involving delay in payment and construction of a commercial building at Gulshan Avenue. As per common law, a force majeure clause cannot be implied and must be present in the JV agreement. Besides, it must have the word “pandemic” etc. It does not matter how the parties believed!! Law follows its own course and it is the learned arbitral tribunals who is going to decide the outcome.  [photo source: njordlaw.com]

posted on 01/12/21

We are pleased to inform that we have successfully argued before Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif And Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ahmed Sohel in a civil revision involving stopping payment under a letter of credit on the ground of fraud. Our client, an MNC, the beneficiary and the supplier of food grain. The Hon’ble Court was pleased to discharge the rule and vacated the injunction granted back in 2016 as the fraud allegation was unfounded.   [photo source: omnisci]
posted on 28/10/21

Our investment department has successfully registered a 100% foreign investment company in the logistics and retail sector in the last month. During the covid 19 period, there were a number of queries, however, we have hardly seen any investor actually moving forward. This is one of the very few exceptions where the esteemed client actually decided to go ahead.  [photo source: realhonglee]

posted on 28/10/21

We have successfully launched a proceeding against a receiver of cargo, consignees and notify parties. It is claimed that the receiver has taken delivery of cargo by producing canceled BL by exercising fraud upon several parties. The Hon’ble judge Mr. Justice Khurshid Alam Sarker, Admiralty court of High Court Division was pleased to admit the suit. We are representing a leading shipowner.  [photo source: indiafilings]
posted on 28/10/21

Our Chambers lawyers concluded a hearing before Hon’ble Mr. Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sashanka Shekhar Sarkar, Annex Building Court No. 26, Supreme Court of Bangladesh on complex issues involving legal interpretation of GRI, World customs laws, NBR orders involving HS code classification of a new AI-based data processing machine for an RMG (dyeing) manufacturing unit. We are pleased to inform you that yesterday the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed passed the judgment and as expected, the judgment addressed the issues like the process to be followed by customs in determining HS code, etc.
The judgment is a landmark because it affirmed for the very first time in our jurisdiction a set procedure to be followed by customs while determining the HS code of imported goods. This will certainly reduce arbitrary determinations as often applied by junior officers of customs. We represented a leading MNC in the RMG sector.  [photo source: abbreviations]
posted on 25/07/21

We have advised a leading local RMG on a transaction involving Engineering, Procurement, Construction related to an Effluent Treatment Plant. We have advised them on legal and regulatory issues involving the environment and also drafted the EPC contract. RMGs and other industries are increasingly becoming compliant with environmental regulations.  [photo source: the Independent]

posted on 25/07/21

We are happy to inform that we have recently completed advising an organization created under a bilateral investment treaty on breach of treaty provisions and obligations of respective countries under international law and consequence of such breach etc.  [photo source: dw.com]

We are happy to inform that we have successfully completed two customs valuation disputes through ADR for a major multinational company. While the matter was pending for hearing in the customs appellate tribunals, we have decided to try statutory ADR options. We have assisted in the process of ADR, negotiation and finalizing the settlement agreement and finally claiming the duty difference. Thanks to our team and of course the facilitator and persons representing customs authority for their respective positive roles.
[photo source: Bangladesh customs]

Chambers have advised one of the major EPC contractor involving Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project on transactions and agreements involving the projects. [Photo source: The financial express BD]

Our Head of Chambers is associated with  Deloitte Bangladesh Limited for providing Consultancy Services for Insolvency Law Reforms in Bangladesh to Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

We have advised a leading group of companies over loan security and documentation requirements under Bangladesh Bank regulations and circulars. In particular the legality and documentation involving mortgaging existing land for securing a second loan known as second mortgage.

We acted for a multistoried commercial building owners located in a prime location involving challenging a notice issued by RAJUK. The notice was issued without taking into account the representation previously made by the client.

The Chambers construction department advised an LGP terminal on transactions involving construction of LPG station and supply contract.

The Chambers have advised a NBFI on loan security documentation involving Tk.20 Million loan.

We have advised a 5 star hotel owners on issues involving method of calculating revenue to resolve difference of opinion with an international hotel chain.

Our investment team advised a MNC on regulations involving acquisition of large shareholding of a listed company listed with DSE.

We have advised a local group of companies on a franchise agreement with a an Italian lubricant brand .

Our corporate department advised a leading MNC on leather good manufacturing in Chittagong on issues involving layoff and entrenchment arising from COVID-19 redundancy and lockdown situation.

We have advised an MNC on due diligence involving appointing an EPC contractor for construction of a steel building for their project at Savar.

We have initiated a construction arbitration proceeding against land developer for failure to handover the apartment and pay arrears penalties even after completion of construction.

We advised our client Unigas in transactions involving setting up multiple Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) infrastructures on the respective premises of authorized Meghna Refueling Station

We advised a garments MNC, leather goods producer MNC based in Chittagong and a number of local businesses on options of termination, furlough, layoff and entrenchment due to redundancy and lockdown arising from COVID-19.

We have advised a local group of companies for setting up a JV with a foreign counterpart for developing, operating and managing an Inland Container Depot (ICD).

Chambers COVID-19 practice group on Banking and Finance advised an garments MNC on rules and regulations for availing stimulus package made available during the COVId-19 pandemic.

China Road and Bridge Corporation, CCCC, appointed Rahman’s Chambers as its retainer for legal advisory services involving Construction of Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) . We are advising on several legal issues involving the project.

Our COVID-19 special practice group on supply chain advised a number of MNCs, local group of companies on different terms and conditions under different sales and supply chain contacts affected by COVID-19 lockdown with a view to protect the best interest of the client.

Our shipping department represented Swiss Singapore in an Admiralty suit involving claim of loss and damage of cargo against the Shipowner.

We have conducted DD and advised an MNC on possible M&A (Merger) of their two entities in Bangladesh.

We have advised an Australian MNC on workers and their family’s insurance policy under the law of Bangladesh

We have advised EC4J project funded by Government of Bangladesh, Ministry of Commerce and World Bank on establishing a number of self sustaining technology centers (TCs) in different parts of Bangladesh with a view to advancing R & D, innovation, technology, enabling technological based testing facilities and bringing competitiveness in different export earning sectors and ensuring diversification of job and national earning etc.  As a part of the creation of a number of TCs, which are basically self sustaining companies limited by guarantees, we assisted client on M& A (land Acquisition) in different locations.

One of such acquisition where we were involved was relating to 10.0 (Ten) acres (40,468.60 square meter) of developed land situated in Mirsarai-Feni Economic Zones in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar under Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA). A major part of that advisory was related to negotiating various critical terms and conditions of such lease.

Another such acquisition were involving lease of 16350 sqm or 4 acres land for value USD 2 Million for 40 years in Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City situated at Kaliakoir, Gazipur, Bangladesh under Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, under Information and Communication Technology Division. A major part of that advisory was related to negotiating various critical terms and conditions of such lease.

We have advised Unitex LP Gas Ltd in the legal process of appointing contractor, DEC S.A. for procurement, supply, transportation, supervision & commissioning of LPG loading/unloading under a subsea project, to be operated with Umbilical cord &  Hydraulic Power Unit.

We handled a dispute for a renowned resort relating to physical injury of a guest caused by alleged negligence of our client. There were issues of contributory negligence and forceful use of the golf cart (buggy) which was supposed to used for elderly and luggage. Due to different contour and hilly terrain of the resort, the buggy was never recommended for travelling due to chances of loss of control. Early warning signs were given and also terms and conditions was added in the guest booking receipts.

We have advised a major MNC based in Hong Kong over a disputes involving purchase of 50+ acres land subject to acquisition rights of Ministry of Land. There were complex issues involving failure to take prior permission, misrepresentation, non-disclosure, promissory estoppel and legitimate expectation.

We have handled disputes involving denial of seniority of section of employees of Bangladesh Bridge Authority. The issues came under the spotlight are  issuance of recruitment circular indirectly having discriminatory effect on a section of employees violating the service rules applicable.

Our shipping department were successful in arresting a container vessel at Chittagong port berthing for its alleged involvement with causing damage to a Fire Truck imported for CAAB for Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka due to negligent discharge operation.

Our IT department advised client based in Chittagong on different aspect of legality involving opening an e-commerce platform providing services of buy & sale of industrial land, factory  along with arranging finance from scheduled banks and NBFI.

We have successfully handled a complex disputes involve rights to receive rent by landowner, developer and lending bank of a commercial lease from the tenant. The matter was litigated before rent control tribunal and later appeal filed before District judge court against order.

We have commenced an execution proceeding of an award received from a arbitral tribunal comprising three arbitrators involving recovery of payment of loan. The award were delivered in 2020 and award debtor failed to show up to comply with the award.

We have handled a writ involving non compliance of bonded warehouse conditions and removal of raw materials from one bond house to another without permission and associated duties, penalty and baseless assumptions of customs authority for sale of bonded item for a major garments industry.

We have successfully advised a Japanese MNC by providing assistance in forming committee and initiating disciplinary proceedings against an employee who was allegedly involvement in taking bribery involving company’s business transactions.

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