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We are pleased to announce that we have successfully resolved a long-standing maritime dispute between the owner of a foreign vessel and the Bangladesh Navy. The vessel collided with a naval frigate in 2017, and the dispute over liability and damages had been ongoing for several years.

The dispute was particularly difficult due to its sensitivity, as it also involved several government departments. We, Rahman’s Chambers, were able to resolve the dispute out of court through a combination of negotiation and mediation, and we are grateful to them and the other reputed foreign law firms HFW and MAR-DIPLO P.C. for their assistance at different stages.

We represented the owner of a foreign vessel and the London P&I Club.

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We’re excited to announce that we have successfully filed a trademark for our client’s new bicycle product.

The trademark, will protect our client’s investment in their new product and ensure that no one else can use the mark without their permission. This is an important step in protecting our client’s intellectual property rights and ensuring that they can profit from their hard work.

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We are pleased to announce that we have successfully helped our client, a multinational corporation (MNC) with a representative office in Bangladesh, receive their outstanding payment under a letter of credit (L/C) from a local bank. The payment was for a cross-border international shipment of goods consisting of industrial-grade sewing machines.

The MNC had been waiting for payment of their shipments for a long time, and our Team under our concerned Department was able to successfully secure the release of the funds and resolve the issues due to our expertise in cross-border trade finance and our ability to handle complex and challenging cases, to the client’s satisfaction.

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