Hydrogen Energy Sources of the Future-WLG

[Source: WLG] The energy demand of our globalized world is constantly expanding, not least due to increasing mobility, data processing and industrial production. Climate change poses a major challenge. Most of the fuels used for the mobility of the world population, in an industrial context or for energy supply are usually neither renewable nor environmentally friendly. For the long-term success of the energy turnaround and for climate protection, alternatives to fossil fuels are needed.

The same applies to achieving the ambitious climate targets of the European Union and the German environmental targets based on them. Hydrogen can and will play a key role in the future as a versatile source of energy. It can make it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in industry and transport by using renewable energy sources. According to the EU Commission, hydrogen should play a central role in the European energy market by 2030 at the latest.

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