Appointment of Contractors in November for the construction of the Matarbari deep-sea port


Next month (November), contractors are expected to be appointed by the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) for the construction of Matarbari Deep-sea Port. It is anticipated that the evaluation of tenders submitted for the construction work of the port will be completed soon. Afterwards, the authorities will proceed with the appointment of contractors for both sides, namely Chittagong Port and Roads and Highways Department (RHD). This development marks a crucial milestone in the journey towards the completion of the Matarbari Deep-sea Port, and it is expected to significantly boost the region’s economy.


Work orders will be issued after the appointment, according to CPA sources. The design and drawing of the port have already been completed during this time. Furthermore, the responsibility for the port’s channel in Moheshkhali upazila of Cox’s Bazar has been handed over to CPA on September 20 by the state-owned Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh Limited (CPGCBL). The CPA will be responsible for the deep-sea port, including the use and control of the Matarbari channel. Port dues and other charges will be collected by the CPA. The fiscal budget for 2023-24 proposes Tk26.76 billion for the CPA portion and Tk16.87 billion for the RHD portion. The cost for the first phase of construction work is expected to be over Tk 180 billion and will be split into two parts. The CPA part of the development work will cost around Tk 90 billion, while an additional Tk 90 billion has been estimated for the RHD component of the Matarbari Deep Sea Port Development Project. According to CPA sources, only two foreign tenders have been submitted for three packages of the project in the CPA component. 

In the RHD component, 14 tenders have been received, including 11 from foreign entities. The tenders are for the construction of a 25.8 km long, 4-lane Port Access Road on a new embankment, the construction of 17 bridges, the construction of a 1.6 km long, 4-lane Matarbari Port North-South Connector Road, and the execution of soft soil improvement work. 

The Secretary of Chittagong Port Authority (CPA), Omar Faruk, recently confirmed that the tender process for appointing contractors for the construction of the Deep Sea Port has been completed. Currently, the CPA is in the process of evaluating the tenders and after receiving the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the authorities will award the tender to the selected contractor. Mr. Faruk emphasized that once the construction of the deep-sea port is completed, it will become the regional business hub for the area. With the ability to handle mother vessels at the deep-sea port terminals in Matarbari, the CPA will have the necessary infrastructure to facilitate large-scale business operations. 

Picture and Article Sources: The Financial Express

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