Docking of an 8.5-meter draft ship at Mongla Port for the very first time


For the first time in the history of Mongla Port, an 8.5 meter draft ship arrived at Mongla Seaport following the dredging at the Pashur Channel and the Mongla-Ghashiakhali Channel being completed on the 4th of August 2023, mere days earlier.


Since the opening of the Padma Bridge last year, export and import through the Mongla Sea Port have improved. As the government is conducting significant infrastructure improvements, including dredging for the port, this is the first-ever highest 8.5-meter draft foreign ship that has been docked.

On August 3rd, Captain Md Asaduzzaman, member (Harbour and Marine) of Mongla Port Authority (MPA), reported that the Singapore flag carrier “MV MAERSK NUSANTARA” had anchored at the sea port’s pier no-9. of the seaport loaded with over 489 TUES commodities.

He also described that 489 TUES commodities that were imported included foreign tiles, fabrics, parts of three-wheelers and different parts of electronic goods including LED television and those items had been unloaded in the afternoon on that particular day and also gave the explanation when it’ll leave the jetty, After loading about 367 TUES worth of goods, including readymade garments, jute, and jute products, and frozen foods like shrimp, a foreign ship will take leave from the jetty.

Businessmen are now expressing great interest in importing or exporting their goods through the port, according to MPA Secretary Md Makruzzaman, as the cost of transportation has decreased since the inauguration of the Padma Bridge.

MPA Secretary Md Makruzzaman delightfully explained, various facilities like speedy ship handling, adequate yard and shed, and container staffing inside the jetty are given by the MPA. After the MPA took many actions in response to the demands of Mongla Port users and numerous stakeholders, including the Bangladesh Jute Association and the Frozen Foods Exporters Association, it became possible.

Picture and Article Source: The Business Standard

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