Experts favour unity among RMG sector players

Experts in a webinar on Monday urged garments owners and entrepreneurs in the ready-made garment (RMG) sector to forge unity among themselves at this hard time of the fast spread of Covid-19 pandemic throughout the globe.

The webinar on Problems in Trade and Supply Chain was organised by Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC).

The webinar was aimed to discuss the possible impacts of Covid-19 on the ongoing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings, risk factors and how to manage risks in Trade and Supply Chain.

The purpose of the webinar was also to explore available ADR mechanisms to avoid and resolve disputes arising from the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis in the most efficient way.

The newspaper also quoted from our Head of Chambers as Follows:

Mohammed Forrukh Rahman, Head of Chamber, Rahman’s Chambers law firm, in his deliberation cited cases arising out of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and emphasized arriving at mutual understanding between the contracting parties and a synchronized mechanism of rights and liabilities of parties in terms of Letter of Credit and contractual obligations under Pro Forma Invoice.
He stressed the need for training for creating awareness and appreciating the importance of contracts by bankers. BGMEA and BIAC may take the lead in this regard, Mr Rahman opined.

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