FDI, Inbound Investment and Permits

Rahman’s Chambers employs a wide range of expertise when it comes to setting up a business. We act as a one-stop service provider & first point of contact for clients. We advise clients on possible options available based on the nature of business & other relevant criteria. Once a decision is made, we assist clients in setting up irrespective of whether it is within a specialized zone or any other part of Bangladesh. Our lawyers have excellent field-level expertise of working in the related office for nearly 12 years and also desk-based ability to prepare all documentary works. We provide high speed and expert service in this area. We have long experience of catering need of the clients from almost all Continents hence language and local knowledge is not a barrier. Chambers and Partners 2023 Asia Pacific Guide ranked Rahman’s Chambers for Corporate & Finance and stated:has a recognised practice in such areas as business formation, M&A”. they added: One source states: ‘Their solution-based and customer-oriented approach is enormously helpful in reaching the best solution.”

Rahman’s Chambers has been ranked for Corporate and Finance for consecutive years.

-Chambers & Partners, 2023

Mr. Mohammed Forrukh Rahman has been consecutively ranked (Band II) for Corporate & Finance.

-Chambers & Partners, 2022, 2021

“…Additionally has a recognized practice in such areas as business formation, projects and energy, real estate and employment matters.”

-Chambers & Partners, 2020

“Advised Dongfang Electric with regard to the opening of a new office branch in Bangladesh, for the purpose of carrying out construction and engineering work”

-Chambers & Partners, 2019

“Assisted the First Engineering Bureau of Henan Water Conservancy with setting up a branch office in Bangladesh.”

-Chambers & Partners, 2018

“Rahman’s Chambers handles foreign investment and disputes involving corporate transactions, finance… ”

-LEGAL500 2018

Rahman’s Chambers recommended for Business law

-AsiaLaw 2021

Our Completed Projects include:


  • We have advised a MNC on possible engagement of a local consultant without opening subsidiary or branch or liaison office.
  • We have successfully assisted BIG W (liaison office) in amending its business activity as approved by BIDA by widening the scope.
  • We assisted a MNC in updating its liaison office registration profile to align it with its global operation.
  • We advised Li & Fung on forex regulations involving payment of salary of expat employee working in Bangladesh and remittance of the same to their home country and related issues.
  • We are excited to announce that we have assisted a leading German solar panel manufacturer in incorporating a subsidiary in Bangladesh. This is a significant milestone for the company, as it will allow it to expand its operations into one of the fastest-growing solar markets in the world. The company is a global leader in the manufacturing of solar panels, and its decision to establish a subsidiary in Bangladesh is a testament to the country’s attractive investment climate. Bangladesh offers a number of advantages for foreign investors, including a young and growing population, a strategic location, and various tax incentives for renewable projects.
  • Assisted in setting up liaison office and with immigration formalities, i.e., E-visa recommendation, E-visa, Work Permit, Security Clearance, extension of E-visa, etc., for NEPC-1 for construction and engineering of power project from China.
  • Assisted in setting up a branch office and with immigration formalities of employees for NEPC-3 for construction and engineering of bridges etc. from China.
  • Assisted in setting up liaison office for the First Engineering Bureau of Henan Water Conservancy(CHWE), China for dam and embankment construction work.
  • Investment-related services to a major Danish Garments.


  • Our investment department has successfully registered a 100 % foreign investment company for Global One, in the logistics and retail sector in the recent past. During COVID-19 period there were a number of queries, however, we have hardly seen any investors actually moving forward. This is one of the very few exceptions where the esteemed client actually decided to go ahead.
  • Incorporated local subsidiary for US based Ralph Lauren Corp. namely, “Ralph Lauren Sourcing Ltd” in Bangladesh.
  • Assisted in setting up business and land due diligence for TBEA CO., LTD., one of the major Chinese manufacturer of power transformers and other electrical equipment, and a developer of transmission projects
  • Assisted in setting up business and with immigration formalities of employees for Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd.
  • Setting up business for 100 % American outsourcing company based in Texas.


  • We have conducted several due diligence and advised our clients on different business setup structures in the manpower sector in Bangladesh
  • Advised and assisted in the process of a local client securing BIDA permission for a foreign loan. Due to the crisis in the Dollar market, it seems that getting permission is relatively less complex now. The government may reconsider the usefulness of FOREX laws and regulations under the present situation taking into account the events that took place in recent times.
  • Advised a Unitex Group of companies in setting up a joint venture with Venol Motor Oil GmbH.
  • Assisted in setting up business and with immigration formalities of employees for Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd.
  • Conducted due diligence for setting up a dredging business for Dharti Dredging & Infrastructure Limited, India.
  • Conducted due diligence on setting up business for China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC).
  • Legal services involving JV investment in LPG terminal at Chittagong.


  • Assisted an investor from the USA in joint venture investment in a toy company in Chittagong and completed all formalities with RJSC. In the same project, we have also assisted a foreign shareholder in share valuation and also seeking permission of Central Bank for taking the exit from the company by selling all shares and repatriating the proceeds of sale in foreign currency.


  • Conducted Due Diligence in both Chittagong Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and Mongla Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and on upcoming economic zones such as Karnaphuli Export Processing Zone, Adamjee Export Processing Zone etc for a major Japanese company for establishment of a Tobacco company in Bangladesh. Also advised on several investment options, exit, repatriation, taxation etc. as available in both (within and outside) various EPZs and SEZs.
  • One stop business setup service providing to Surjin Tech Co., Ltd. Client initially instructed us to conduct due diligence on a comparison of the available incentive of setting up business in EPZ, SEZ, Hi-Tech or other geographically located areas in different divisions of Bangladesh. The client also conducted due diligence on different incentive available for different business sectors, e.g., Industrial, IT, Infrastructure, etc. Finally, we are assisting the client in business setup process and acquisition of land.
  • Due diligence for a Hong Kong-based garments for setting up business in Special Economic Zones and EPZ in Bangladesh.
  • Opening a company, originally from UK and India in Dhaka Export Processing Zones.


  • We have advised a company in setting up its agro business, in particular, formation of OPC (One Person Company).
  • We have successfully completed the industrial registration with BIDA relating to construction works for Mariland Engineering Company Ltd., a subsidiary of China Communications construction company Ltd. (CCCC), enabling it to avail several incentives available for investors. The work was particularly very complex as it involved the lease of industrial land, acquiring an industrial trade license, several inspections from authorities for the suitability of the project, etc.
  • Assisted in business expansion by way of land acquisition for G.A.B. Limited (GILDAN), a subsidiary of one of the largest manufacturers of branded clothing
  • We have completed immigration formalities, e.g., E-visa recommendation, E-visa, Work Permit, Security Clearance, the extension of E-visa, etc. for several employees of Uttara Foods & Feeds Pvt. Ltd.


  • We have assisted our client in several occasion in getting work permit based on investment
  • We have assisted our client in few occasion in getting no visa required (NVR)/permanent residency status based on different criterias.
  • We have advised our client on getting Bangladeshi citizenship based on investment.


  • We have opened a number of companies limited by guarantee for different associations/ group of people.
  • We have opened a number of social business companies for local entrepreneurs.


  • We are regularly assisting a number of clients in renewing their Trade License, Import Registration Certificate (IRC), Export Registration Certificate (ERC), Chamber of Commerce Membership and other licenses.


  • We have assisted several clients with different categories of visa.
  • We assisted a number of clients in obtaining Business visa for visiting Bangladesh.
  • Assisted with immigration formalities, i.e., E-visa recommendation, E-visa, Work Permit, Security Clearance, extension of E-visa, etc., for Big W (a division of the Woolworths Group).


  • Setting up IT companies originally from Russia and Lithuania.


  • Advised on the formation of a trust for a major local company.
  • Assisted in the process of on the formation of a number of society.


Mr. Rahman with our respected client, Mr. Stephen Christen, a US and German origin foreign investor in Toy industry Bangladesh in an event organized by Rahman’s Chambers.


Chambers at the inaugural ceremony of “Ralph Lauren Sourcing Ltd” having assisted our Clients “Ralph Lauren Corp.” with incorporation of their subsidiary in Bangladesh.

Please find (on the left) the video covering speech on Foreign Investment on Bangladesh by Mr. Stephen Christen, an investor, at our annual Dinner:

Practice Guide – Investment

Bangladesh is the 2nd largest garment manufacturer of the world; hence it attracts huge foreign investments in this sector. Foreign Investors who have already invested in Bangladesh are investing in other business sectors. There are other emerging sectors where Foreign Investments are rapidly increasing e.g. construction engineering, power & energy, agriculture, IT, leather etc. Catering to the needs of Foreign Investors for setting up companies, branch office, liaison office and also to help them in securing employment visas (E-VISA), investor’s visa (PI VISA), business visa (B-VISA), work permit, etc., legal assistance is often required. Legal support is also required for setting up a business in export processing zones and Economic Zones. Due to considerable political stability in recent years and initiative of the government in improving power generation, introducing a one-stop service, etc., new investment, particularly in new sectors like LPG, LNG terminals, seaports, dam & embankment, bridges, are also increasing, etc. We have a separate Investment Department and a dedicated and efficient Investment & Business Setup Team responsible for catering the need of the clients.

Investment Transactions/Options

Legal due diligence is important to assess the risk associated with investment. Before major decision making, investors instruct us to carry out legal due diligence work on several aspects involving legal risks, Tax exemption, concession of duties involving importation of capital machinery etc. If an investor is planning to invest in an existing setup by buying shares, we conduct searches with Joint Stock of Companies and Firms (RJSC), concerned land registry, VAT and Tax office to check if any legal risk is involved. Further search is conducted to verify authenticity of documents.

The due diligence is essential in the following areas:


  • Land Mutation
  • Land registration
  • Land revenue record
  • Survey Record


  • Share Transfer Record
  • Change of directors’ report

Criminal Record

  • Searching relevant police station
  • Litigation search (limited circumstances)

Tax Record

  • Searching relevant circle and zone.
  • Other search

Share purchase in an unlisted private and public company involves several documentation works, e.g. signing Form 117, affidavits, etc. Besides, several resolutions are required in compliance with the Memorandum and Articles of association along with the drafting of Share Purchase Agreement. We advise clients for the entire process so that the transfer is completed smoothly. We also advised both buyer and seller in taking over of several companies. Besides, we have advised individual Shareholder in buying and selling shares. Our service includes not only assist with documentation work but also assist with actual recording and obtaining a certified copy from RJSC

Share purchase in an unlisted private and public company involves several documentation works, e.g. signing Form 117, affidavits, etc. Besides, several resolutions are required in compliance with the Memorandum and Articles of association along with the drafting of Share Purchase Agreement. We advise clients for the entire process so that the transfer is completed smoothly. We also advised both buyer and seller in taking over of several companies. Besides, we have advised individual Shareholder in buying and selling shares. Our service includes not only assist with documentation work but also assist with actual recording and obtaining a certified copy from RJSC

The ‘One Stop Service Act’ has already been enacted and the rules for the One-Stop Service have been prepared. According to this Act, potential investors would get all other necessary permissions, including permissions of various utility services like power, gas, water and telephone from the center, for starting a business. The one-stop service center will bring down significantly the time in getting utility services.

Export Processing Zone is suitable for 100 % export oriented businesses whether it is fully owned, Joint Venture, etc. There are 08 (eight) EPZs within Bangladesh geographically diversified in different locations. Depending on the nature of the business, availability of utilities, rental rates, transportation, availability of skilled man power, etc. client can choose suitable EPZ for investing.

Interested clients can avail our services in locating, taking lease, or transferring existing lease of land from Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA).

Economic Zone is relatively a new concept in Bangladesh. The government has planned to set up 100 economic zones in different geographical locations. However, only a handful of economic zones are currently allocating land or will do so in the near future as the land is still under development process. For example, Mirsarai Economic Zone.

Our Client can take our service in conducting due diligence on economic zone land & also taking the lease from Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA). We also provide services in conducting legal due diligence for lands which are adjacent to Mirsarai Economic Zone, which is ready for immediate investment

Hi-Tech industries are knowledge incentive industries where a good part of value addition comes from knowledge workers. For example, Agro-Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, Automobiles & Metal Industries, Medical Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Electronic Products, Computer & Communication Hardware & Software, IT-enabled services, etc.

Although the government has plans to set up a number of Hi-Tech parks in different areas, currently only one park is in a position to allocate land. Our Client can avail our services in conducting due diligence on Hi-Tech Park land & also taking a lease from Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA).

Business Setup Process

Client often conduct due diligence on number of permits and consent required and its time frame. The type of required permits and consent largely depends on the type of industry, business venture, its location and intended operation in Bangladesh. The Chambers provides services for all basic licenses e.g. Company registration, Liaison office permission, Branch office permission, trade license, export and import permit, membership with chamber and commerce, work permit, bank account opening, IRC, ERC, ad hoc IRC, BIDA registration, BIDA recommendation etc.

We also assist in obtaining other licenses or permit. We often do it ourselves or outsource it from our known vendors and service providers if client so desire.

Either joint venture or 100% foreign owned, our experienced service department complete the process with ease. Small mistakes can cause substantial delay in the process, e.g. remittance advises of USD 50,000/- if quoted wrongly can lead to return of fund and reinvest. Professional legal hands are vital for company formation from drafting joint venture agreements, preparing Memorandum and Articles to obtaining certified copy of incorporation certificate. Over the last 10 years, we have formed several companies in IT, General Trading, Garments, Textiles and Power sectors both local and foreign or originated in the UK, USA, China, and other European countries.

Opening Liaison office requires some critical preparatory work and documentation work which requires experience. We have significant experience of getting BIDA  registration for both liaison and branch office for several foreign principals. Legal documentation involves authentication of parent company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, list of directors etc. Often the authentication process is cumbersome. We try our best to make the process smooth and hustle free. In recent time we have opened several branch and liaison offices for construction and engineering companies whose principal is located in China and other neighboring countries.

Industrial enterprises, opening a subsidiary company are also required to register themselves with Bangladesh Investment Development Authority to avail various tax exemptions and other concessions over customs duties. Commercial ventures may register if they desire. In recent times, BIDA has been automated and all registrations and related process are made online.

Immigration & Work Permits

Work permit is required for investors planning to become resident in Bangladesh by taking a full time position or for expatriate employee of the company, branch office, liaison office. Upon arrival in Bangladesh under two types of visa for short period, the person is required to apply for work permit with BIDA and extension from Department of Passport and Visa, subject to successful completion of security clearance. The process can be very hectic and time consuming if not handled skillfully. We assist our client to make it simple and hassle free. We often assist our client with finding commercial address required for trade license and security clearance.

Foreign investors who are planning to do market research, attend meetings, etc and willing to visit Bangladesh are invited by us. Upon our invitation, Bangladesh Mission abroad grant short time Business visa.

Miscellaneous matters

Due to foreign exchange regulations and stringent guidelines from Central Banks, exit and repatriation of share value and profit is a complex work, which requires various assessments and reports. The Firm has effectively completed a deal for an American shareholder in the Toy sector in Chittagong.

ADR- local dispute resolution department

ADR-international department

Several tax benefits are provided under the Finance Act 2022, for the mobile manufacturers. Besides, the Companies with less than Tk. 100 crore turnover and so on, who are working towards deployment or commercialization of new products, process or service driven by innovation, development and technology or intellectual property are given start up status who will be taxed at a lower rate and are eligible for other tax benefits like carrying forward of loss etc, during the growth year[i]. On the other hand, VAT registration is made mandatory for branch office, liaison office and projects.

[i] PwC | Bangladesh Key Budget Proposals 2022 | Moving ahead with resilience

Investment in Different Sectors 

Govt of Bangladesh has offered significant tax benefits for investors in renewable sector. Although finding non-agricultural land is a challenging job.   Investors may choose to place unsolicited proposal.

Investment in construction sector in increasing rapidly as huge Infrastructure projects are in the pipeline and many more to come. Construction companies are aiming for sub-contract, EPC, O&M works. There is significant incentives available for importing capital machineries for industrial operations. Besides, location wise incentives are also available.

M&A of existing projects are taking place in this sector. There are also a number of major Coal projects are in the pipeline. Investment in LNG and LPG projects are also taking place.

There are some restrictions in place for opening a logistic company in Bangladesh. Even though a number of investment took place in recent years in this sector subject to fulfilling such obligations.

Consulting business setup in increasing for IT, education and financial sector.

Due to High-tech park opening, a number of IY company invested in the parks.

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