Global Investment & Citizenship

In an era of Globalization, visa free travel and ease of mobility not only bridges the gap between nations and international businesses, but also saves much needed time and money, which are an absolute essential for any business related people. Citizenship and passport or even permanent residency in another country could usher in greater opportunity and advantage from a business perspective. In cooperation with leading global advisory firms, we assist our clients potentially businessman with ability to invest lawfully in another country for permanent residency or passport and citizen of a third world country requiring better passport or permit allowing him or her to travel abroad with ease.

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  • Source of investment must be legal and also remitted legally.
  • We accept payment for our services locally only.
  • Payment of fees to our foreign collaborators must be given to them directly through legal channel.

A country of fine architecture and view of the Atlantic, Portugal is home to a number of leading, globally reputed companies such as Cimpor (10th largest cement producer), Sonae Industria (largest producers of wood panel) etc. In the aftermath of the Economic Recession, 2017, is shaping up to be the Country’s strongest in terms of growth, with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) highlighting the significant increase in foreign investments and exports.




Global Residence Permit Program

  • The program requires only a total of 35 days stay during the 5 year period. The residency permit allows access to the Schengen areas.
  • After 6 year residency, naturalization as a Portugese citizen is possible
  • Portugal allows dual citizenship.


  • Different kinds of approved Investment options are available
  • Starting from 500, 000 Euros on average.

Aside from the beauty, a given aspect for any Caribbean Islands, St. Lucia boasts a well balanced economy compromising of stable legal and commercial infrastructure. Trade in the Export/Import sector comprises 95 percent of St. Lucia’s GDP. Open market policies provide the gateway provide gateway to greater access to financing opportunities which remains integral for St. Lucia’s development sector.

  • Passport provides visa free travel on 127 countries including the European Union (EU), Schengen areas, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.
  • To obtain a passport; no physical residence is required.
  • A range of investment options are available
  • Recognizes Dual Citizenship


  • An initial investment is required, starting from $300,000 to $3.5 million.