Real Estate and Property Matters

Real estate and Property related legal issues can be divided into (a) freehold land and buildings matters, (b) leasehold land and building matters and (c) real estate development matters. Freehold matters often requires legal supports in acquisition, Sale, gift, will, trust, mutation, survey, registration, searching etc and also rarely on issues like determination of khas land, vested land etc. On the other hand leasehold issues are e.g. rent agreement, long-term lease registration, possession, eviction, rent etc. Land development frequently involves issues like joint venture between landowner and developer, acquiring, land filling, delay, loss and damages, registration etc. Understanding Land documents requires significant experiences in Bangladesh context as land documents are complex by nature. Besides, searching genuineness of documents in land offices and completing registration and mutation etc are skilled based work requiring high level of understanding and experience in Land matters. Our firm do have right people for the job. Both our services team and Tribunals team deal with land matters for nearly 10 years.

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Rahman’s Chambers were involved in few major successful property acquisition, due diligence matters for a number of major garments and a power plant. Besides, we have experience of advising clients over apartment purchase, sale, mutation, search and disputes resolution.  We have experience team of lawyers who have 10+ years of experience in dealing with complex property documents and government records. verification and searching of record. Our ADR and Tribunals team also deal with disputes arising in various land tribunals and arbitration involving construction.

Rahman’s Chambers since inception handles clients having issues over property. Our best effort goes towards assisting our clients by providing proper consultancy and legal documentation services with a view to avoid future litigation. Our lawyers appear before both the higher and lower courts over disputes relating to ownership of property, lease, payment of rent, possession etc.

Our completed matters are:

  • Due diligence of land and documents, dealing with complex legal issues, claim and cases and settling the same to enabling the land suitable for acquisition and assisting in registration for several years involving several lands of various sizes for Gildan, a multinational garments and textilesfrom time to time.

  • Handled several land acquisition cases for BPDB.

  • Several search, due diligence, mortgage, second mortgage, power of attorney registration, redemption, revocation etc for several banks from 2006 to 2013.

  • Successfully Handled several proceeding arising out of eviction case for a high net worth individuals in lower court, higher courts.

  • Representing high net worth clients in lower and higher judiciary over a major land disputes involving ownership of a multi-storied commercial building in Dhaka.

  • Handled khas khatian related dispute, assisted in survey and demarcation of land and completed several mutation for Saturn Textiles Ltd. and other companies and individuals.

  • Drafted and assisted registration of lease for several companies for many years.

  • Handled several joint venture land development and building construction agreement and power of attorney for and against developer.


Rahman’s Chambers is a hands on firm, which has a pretty good understanding of the legal and business environment in Bangladesh, I will qualify them, as a committed and dedicated group of lawyers, which operates their Chamber with high level of integrity, and with a devoted attitude to customer service.

David RamosDirector - G A B Limited, a subsidiary of Gildan Activewear

We regularly conduct due diligence for client both local and foreign with regard to the status of the title deed, Khatians, Mutation, ground rent etc. whether those are genuine or not by visiting concerned sub registry, land offices, survey office. Such search are conducted by our senior associate of not less than 7 years experience as land documents are complicated. We also provide client with vetting of property by checking 25 years chain of ownership, consistency of documents, cross checking whether the documents are match for each other and any vital document is missing or not.

Chambers has 10 long years expertise in helping clients with buying and selling of Land and building. Both business and individual client take our service in such matters. Buying and selling involves preparation of deed of agreement for sale or deed of sale as suitable. With or without commissioning services for registration we complete the registration work.

The chambers has drafted/vetted several Joint Venture and Power of Attorney both for Landowner and Developer company where both parties are actually forming a joint venture akin to partnership where one party is contributing land and other is contributing by financing the project, constructing the building. Besides, the Chambers has very unique experience of drafting simple construction agreement for landowner where the developer were engaged only for construction and develop at the expense of client. We vet/prepare deed of agreement for sale(Baina), Dee of sale, Deed of agreement etc. and assist client with registration process.

Due diligence and search is required for long term lease of plot /floor for commercial use. We assist client with drafting lease agreement suitable for commercial use. We have provided such services to many Chinese companies.

Land and building being immovable properties and prone to disputes has different legal and regulatory compliance for maintaining strong records of title. The same are m survey record mortgage registration with RJsc and sub registry etc. Besides found rent and city corporation tax are also relevant with land. Maintain up to date record for survey by mutation is important. Our strong team of lawyers ensures that  every aspect of Land recording is completed and up to date

Land documentation, transfer by inheritance, gift, sale, wakf etc, correction, mutation, charges/other rights on land, recording and survey are complex matter. Hence, naturally disputes are very common. The disputes are often with ownership, inheritance, false transfer, forgery, measurement, possession, eviction, easement, mortgage etc. Besides, disputes are common with leasehold interest .e.g unlawful possession, eviction etc. The chambers has sufficient expertise and knowledge not only with land transaction but also with court appearance on land matters both in lower and higher judiciary.

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Reported Cases

Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher vs. Ayub Ali & Others 2 LNJ (2013) 18C, 2 LNJ (2013) 1

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