Shipbuilding and Shipbreaking matters

Gradually, the reputation of Bangladesh as a shipbuilding nation is growing internationally. As the industry grows, so does the disputes between the shipbuilders and purchasers. Shipbuilding is a million Dollar project involving joint effort and finance from Banks, overseas and local entrepreneurs etc. After the recession, the local shipbuilder started to get significant number of order from both local and international buyer keeping related service industry busy.

Legal service is often very crucial to conduct due diligence as to bank finance, foreign lending, builders and buyers company’s legal health, tax, VAT and customs matters and incentives for such major construction projects. Besides, shipbuilding contract is also often drafted or vetted by lawyer so that it covers all aspect of local and international laws.

The Chambers is playing a pioneering role in the shipbuilding legal services as it acted for a major foreign ship-owner for a period of more than 7 years and were able to successfully recover their million dollar claim against a local shipbuilder. This was the very first case of such volume and nature.

We represented a substantial German ship-owner, who had ordered four new buildings at a shipyard in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, all these four shipbuilding contracts failed and were ultimately cancelled by our clients, which gave rise to very complex legal proceedings in Germany, England and Bangladesh. Mr. Rahman handled various proceedings in Bangladesh for our client against the local shipyard and its financing banks. He did so in a most effective, successful and cost-effective manner. We can therefore highly recommend the legal services of Mr. Rahman to any party, which needs legal support in Bangladesh in matters relating to international trade, financing and transport.-

Dr. Klaus Kostka, Partner, Fleet Hamburg, Germany

“Specialist shipping practice covering the full scope of maritime issues including ship arrests, marine insurance, bills of lading and admiralty. Also handles shipbuilding matters… Their response times are excellent and they make you feel generally very well informed…”

– Chambers & Partners, 2018.


Rahman’s Chambers is one of the very first law firms which handled a few major shipbuilding disputes successfully, between a major ship owner and a local shipbuilder. The Chambers handled several complex litigations in lower and higher judiciary and also litigation arising out of arbitration taking place in London and Germany in shipbuilding matters.

We have deep insight into the laws and regulation and also practical experience of dealing with legal issues, which is invaluable for clients, when it comes to shipbuilding matters. Firm has developed expertise on drafting shipbuilding contract, bank guarantee etc.

Ship breaking

Ship breaking industry is old in Bangladesh. Since 1960s the industry has grown over the years. The Chambers acts for foreign buyers of ship items etc. and often advised clients over trade terms on ship breaking.

Our experiences includes:

  • Successfully litigated Admiralty suit between Hyldebrand Singapore Pte. Ltd vs Ananda Shipward and Slipways Limited over a claim relating to shipbuilding contract. 
  • Successfully litigated arbitration petition between Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Ltd vs. Komrowski Maritim GMBH, Germany over drawing of bank guarantee. 
  • Successfully litigated a Civil Revision between Ernst Komrowski Holding KG(GmbH & Co) vs Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Ltd over claim involving finance for infrastructure development of builder.
  • Drafted shipbuilding contact between Narayangonj Engineering & Shipbuilding Ltd. (NESL) and Bashundhara Group.
  • Drafted shipbuilding contract for Intraco Group
  • Conducted due diligence for foreign buyer relating to ship braking items.

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  • Hildrebrand Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Ernst Komrowski Holding KG (GmbH & Co.)
  • Narayangonj Engineering & Shipbuilding Ltd. (NESL)
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Reported Cases