We now have full set of Complete Digest of Supreme Court cases of India

We now have print version of original full set of Complete Digest of Supreme Court cases of India. 

Law reports are the engine room of legal development. They present the state of the law and not what law ought to be as shown in journals.

Online research tools do contribute significantly to improving productivity and managing costs. Research shows that lawyers can complete tasks three times faster using digital research platforms than hard copy materials. However, it doesn’t always return reliable or accurate legal research. Many electronic documents are fleeting, ephemeral. They can disappear entirely or suffer from the lesser defect of link rot. Printed materials carry a greater guarantee of permanence.

Once purchased, print materials belong to a library. A library has access to licensed contents only so long as it maintains and pays for a subscription. This distinction plays a significant role in the analysis of the long-term value of a resource to a library.

Law libraries, which had long relied upon the steady pricing and stable databases of LexisNexis and Westlaw, were suddenly faced with substantial bills for electronic resources that were previously available at no additional charge.

Presently, print and e-formats each have exclusive values, and until those values can be replicated in other media, both formats must be collected, maintained, and supported by libraries.

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